Sigurður Traustason

Sigurður Traustason

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Username * SiggiTrust
Country * Iceland
City Kópavogur
Nationality Icelandic


Skype siggi_trust
Phone number ( 354) 843-9854


  • Bournemouth University BSc
  • Multimedia School of Iceland Diploma


Hi. I started my 3d studies in the Multimedia School of Iceland and went to a top up course in Bournemouth University in England. I love 3d and VFX in general. I have a generally good workflow on computers and I love customizing stuff for quicker workflows both on Windows and programs.

I am still trying to learn and improve on just about everything. I haven't really mastered any aspect of 3d to get a job but I am leaning on modelling rather than animation. I've still to delve deeper into sculpting but I've recently started taking a look at Zbrush.

Not 3d related, but I've dabbled somewhat in RPG Maker for fun :) If anyone's interested in that. Have been thinking about making a 2d RPG game with 3d models like enemies.